Lexus RX Gets Ruby Red Wheels In Wizard of Oz Tribute

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We just want to know if that's a real ruby in the center of the wheel.

Lexus has presented its take on Dorothy's ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

The special edition Lexus, done in collaboration with fashion designer Harris Reed, was unveiled last night at W Magazine's 50th-anniversary party in New York. Lexus has been running a bit of an Oz theme with its advertising lately, with commercials showing the owners of a Lexus RX departing a literal yellow brick road and taking "the road less traveled instead."

The RX itself is more about the wheels than the metal surrounding it, which is fitting given the widespread use of "shoes" to refer to a car's wheels among enthusiasts.

Lexus Lexus

"The inspiration came from the literal interpretation of choosing your own path and pursuing a new journey down the red brick road, with a nod to the film's iconic ruby slippers and my own designs," said Reed.

Reed also revealed that the idea started with two hats in his recent 2023 collection.

The backs of the wheels are made from solid aluminum, with a gloss-sealed glitter beneath. This is part of how the wheels get their sparkling effect. At the center of the wheel is a ruby core (we doubt it's a real one) that's illuminated with a Lexus logo at the center. The fins around the "Ruby Red Rims" are illuminated as well.

"The final design and thoughtful interpretation of the 'Ruby Red Rims' far exceeded our expectations," said Vinay Shahani, vice president of Lexus marketing.

Lexus Lexus

We've seen some wild wheels here on CarBuzz before, from marble steering wheels to $7,000 carbon fiber wheels for the Shelby GT 500.

These might take the cake, however. In addition to being the centerpiece of the car they sit on, the wheels cover the tire completely. Combined with the fins, the RX looks like it's moving in photos.

Lexus also prepared a special red livery for the debut, evidently made to match Reed's fabulous hairdo and the wheels. On top of that, "Ruby Red Rims" adorns the side of the car, just below the F-Sport badge.

Now let's see it click its heels together because it's getting late in the office, and there's "no place like home."


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