Lexus RZ To Use Clever Infrared Technology For Cabin Heating

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It not only elevates occupant comfort but is far more efficient too.

The Lexus RZ, the luxury brand's first EV offered for sale in America, will introduce an innovative cabin heating system, according to the manufacturer.

The brand's Australian subsidiary says the electric crossover will use infrared heating to warm the front-row occupants. Instead of conventional convection heating, the RZ features two panels that heat only solid objects in their line of sight. This nifty innovation is beneficial in several ways. Not only does it warm the occupants quickly but also reduces energy consumption by up to 8%.

This has a positive effect on the EV's range, as it lessens the impact of the ventilation system on the vehicle's energy reserves.

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Lexus says the warming effect can be likened to having a warm blanket placed on your legs on a chilly day. The automaker has achieved this by placing the panels at knee level, behind the instrument and steering column panels.

Should the driver or front passenger find the Radiant Heating system a touch toasty, all they need to do is touch the panel, and this automatically reduces the temperature to around 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The automaker is keen to point out that the infrared system will not replace the conventional heating system, which can still be controlled when Radiant Heating is in use.

Together with the seat heaters and heated steering wheel, Radiant Heating seeks to warm up the RZ's cabin quickly and provide comfort to occupants on chilly days. It's also another feature that will set apart the premium RZ from the more basic Toyota bZ4X, with which the Lexus shares a platform.

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Radiant Heating is bundled into the Lexus Climate Concierge system and will be offered to Australian customers from mid-2023. Lexus is yet to determine what trim level and equipment are required for this feature. Hopefully, this clever innovation will be made available in the USA.

The range of an electric vehicle tends to suffer in colder climates and a system that heats the cabin while conserving energy will be a boon in America's chillier regions.

Infrared heating is just one of the many ways Lexus is striving to create a wonderful cabin space for passengers. Interior designers sought to create a simple and harmonious environment that is both spacious and ergonomic.

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