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Lexus's New 1,600-Horsepower Flagship Is Not What You Think


And by "flagship," we do mean "flagship."

From the eight-cylinder RC F to the exotic V10-powered LFA, Lexus has been known to make some powerful machinery. But its next one stands to be its most powerful yet.

Previewed in this latest teaser is the forthcoming Lexus LY 650. Motivating it is an 800-horsepower engine. Two of them, in fact, giving it a combined output of 1,600 hp. That's more than three times as much as the top-of-the-line LC coupe. But as you might have guessed, this is no ordinary road car. In fact it's not a road car at all.

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The LY 650 is a motor yacht. A rather large one, at that, measuring 65 and a half feet from bow to stern. That's about the length of four ES sedans, parked nose to tail. And with a beam of 18'8”, you could (theoretically) park an LS sedan across it sideways. It'll have three staterooms inside, three bathrooms, and what's sure to be a pretty big galley (maritime-speak for "kitchen”).

The production vessel – whose design (pictured below) was revealed last September – stems from the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept (at bottom) first shown a year and a half ago. And now the first example is under construction.

Though Toyota makes its own line of yachts back in Japan, the Lexus division has teamed up with an outside shipbuilder to bring the LY 650 to life. Marquis Yachts is the top line from Carver, one of the largest constructors of motor yachts in the world (on whose products this writer spent a sizable chunk of his childhood). And based as Carver is in Wisconsin, we get a good feeling that it'll be available here in North America – though you can bet it'll cost a bit more than Lexus' new entry-level UX crossover.