Lexus SC430 Becomes Fake Ferrari

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Perhaps it would have been best to leave this SC430 alone.

It goes without saying that the ugliest model Lexus ever built was the SC430. Yes it had a retractable hardtop, but it still looked like a beached whale (and a bloated one at that). So how on earth could someone make this thing look even worse? By turning one into a Ferrari California replica. Now, the builder claims this thing is the "world's first folding hardtop replica." That could very well be the case, but it's the bodywork that makes this the car a combination of hideous and hysterical.

The Ferrari California, Pininfarina-like detailing is there as well as the paint job. But still, driving around in an SC430 can be embarrassing enough so why would you make your situation even worse by paying money for a conversion like this? Its UK builder, MI6, also built an Aston Martin DBS replica based on a Toyota Supra last year. That replica looked quite solid, but this Ferrari-Lexus fakery is, well, you be the final judge.

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