Lexus Seems To Be Working On An LS-F To Take On The AMG S63

Spy Shots

Toyota’s luxury carmaker already thinks it can take on Aston Martin. Is it far-fetched to believe Mercedes is next?

Things have been going fairly well for Lexus lately. It has a substantial crossover lineup stocked with the likes of the best-selling NX, the mid-size RX, the GX, and the range-topping LX. There’s room for more and the upcoming UX will fill that spot, but as of late it appears that Toyota’s luxury brand is hard at work filling its aging sedan lineup with new picks. Fortunately for us, these new sedans seem poised to take on Mercedes-AMG and BMW M.

We've already gotten evidence that a new GS is in the cards and the updated LS is already on sale. However, just as the rumor mill has been spinning out tales of a high-powered GS, Auto Guide has gotten information via an aggressively styled LS it spotted that the Big L is planning a true range-topping luxury sedan for those who enjoy when their chauffeurs have a lead foot. The test vehicle was different from the standard LS because it featured additional cooling vents, a trunk spoiler, and, according to the photographers, an extra loud exhaust note indicative of a large displacement engine or a sport exhaust. If this really is the doing of Lexus’ F Division, it can only mean one thing.

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Namely, that Lexus is working on an LS-F. A few months ago at the New York Auto Show, Lexus debuted the LS500 F-Sport, a beast endowed with a 415 horsepower V6 under the hood and more aggressive styling. A full-fledged F model, on the other hand, would more directly compete with German saloon cars like the BMW M760Li or even the Mercedes-AMG S63. Evidence for the LS-F is bolstered by the fact that Lexus recently patented the name "LS-F." We'd hope for a an LS with the same naturally-aspirated V8 as the LC500 gets. Ultimately, the release of an LS-F would be further proof that Lexus is moving in the upward direction slowly but with assurance and steadiness behind its pace.

If Lexus thinks it can take on Aston Martin with a luxury grand tourer, the LC500, then it may believe its name has enough clout to take on one of the most established segments in the luxury industry. Mercedes has ruled this arena for decades, but a ruler can toppled, sometimes with a direct and significant blow, and other times, such as in this case, with a planned assault involving all of its competitors.