Lexus Should Consider Building a 3-Door NX


It would at least be a solid Mini Paceman fighter.

To say the new Lexus NX has bit of a controversial design would be somewhat understated. Traditional Lexus buyers likely won't be too thrilled with it, while younger buyers may very well be drawn to it and the Lexus brand in general. And that right there is the whole point: Lexus is now officially catering to a crowd that's younger than 65. That's a good thing, and it doesn't appear that Lexus will revert back to its old and bland ways.

If the new NX proves to be a success, then it's possible future variants will also debut. One of which could be a three-door version. Theophilus Chin has just rendered a couple of images of the new NX minus its rear doors. We happen to think it looks pretty darn good. Interior space would obviously decrease, but it'd still be a great alternative to, say, the Mini Paceman.

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