Lexus Teams Up with Funny or Die! to Flagrantly Mock the BMW i3

Lexus highlights how bad the BMW i3 is at cross-country road trips.

Lexus has been about as subtle as a brick in promoting the CT200h hybrid, taking aim directly at the BMW i3 in this ad created with Funny or Die! In it, a group of guys head to Las Vegas for a “Dad’chelor party,” in order for a father-to-be to get off his tits for one last time before he has to help bring up a child. The Japanese hybrid and German EV are the weapons of choice for the road trip, and as you have probably figured out by now, the Lexus makes the trip without any fuss, while the i3 is continuously forced to stop, wasting hours of potential partying time.

The fact BMW also offers the i3 as a range-extender in the form of the i3 REX is conveniently omitted from this humorous skit.

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