Lexus Teases LF-Gh Concept Before New York Unveiling

Lexus is will be unveiling their new LF-Gh concept at the New York Auto Show in what will be a clear preview of the upcoming GS sedan replacement. LF-Gh stands for Lexus Future Grand Touring Hybrid, which will supposedly redefine the premium grand touring sedan. Lexus is saying the car is a "stylish and assertive concept" and features the "aggressive and bold spindle front grille," which provides a hint of future design.

From what we can see in these teaser photos, Lexus is finally adding some more aggressive styling to their typically bland designs. In fact, those front headlight shots even seem a bit Audi-ish. The concept will be on full display in just a few weeks and it could be just the beginning of - dare we say it - exciting Lexus models.

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