Lexus Teases New Mystery Concept Ahead Of Frankfurt

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We don't know what it is, but we kind of already want one.

We're sorry to say this, but we have completely fallen for the trap laid by Lexus with this teaser for a new concept to be unveiled at Frankfurt. There is absolutely no information whatsoever being leaked along with the single photo, with Lexus simply saying that it will be a new concept. We can see it has the new "spindle grille" and L-shaped daytime running lights, and there seems to be a certain sportiness about it, but that's really about it.

Having successfully gotten our attention, Lexus used the opportunity to tell us that it will also be bringing the new GS 300h, a midsized hybrid sedan which carries absolutely no mystery with it in the slightest. But despite the blandness of the GS, it seems like the Lexus booth will be humming with activity come the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Everybody loves a good mystery, and even though we've essentially been told that a new LFA successor is not in the works, we've decided to get our hopes absurdly high in anticipation anyway.

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