Lexus Teases RC-F; BMW Start Sh*tting Bricks

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The all new Lexus RC-F will debut at Detroit within spitting distance of the new BMW M4.

The teaser image of an all-new F model is almost as vague as Lexus' description that goes with it. According to the Japanese carmaker, the car has been "engineered from scratch, one performance layer at a time." So, it's been built from the ground up and is going to have plenty of grunt. With a modicum of deduction we can safely say that what you're looking at is the front left wheel, large vent and trademark "Ultra Blue" paint of the all-new Lexus RC-F.

In case you're in any doubt, Lexus went on to say that the "newest F model promises a bold, gritty, experience synonymous with the famed Lexus F heritage." The RC F's powertrain has yet to be confirmed, but previous rumors suggested it'll be a 5.0-liter V8 good for at least 450 hp and 401 lb-ft of torque. Requisite BMW M4 fighting tools are expected to include a carbon-fiber aero kit added to the RC coupe's body, a sport-tuned suspension, a wider track, Brembo brakes and 19-inch alloys. 0-62 mph should come in at around 4.5 seconds and top speed electronically limited to 155 mph. The new Lexus RC-F will make its debut next month at the Detroit Motor Show.

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