Lexus to Offer Dual-Clutch in the RC F and Next IS F?

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Yes, a new IS F is likely.

Lexus has been working especially hard to ditch its longtime conservative image. High-performance and an entirely new design language is proving to be a winning combination. The best two mainstream examples of this are the IS F sedan and the new RC F coupe. Yes, the LFA was a brilliant supercar but it's just that: a supercar. It wasn't mainstream. The former two are meant to give the BMW M3 and M4 a hard time.

But Lexus has a bit of a problem: neither the IS F nor RC F offers a manual gearbox, or even a dual-clutch. The RC F will initially be offered only with an eight-speed automatic with paddle shifters. But now there's word that Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) is currently developing a new gearbox that could eventually replace that eight-speed. More than likely it will be a dual-clutch unit. TMG's operations director, Rob Leupen, also hinted that this new gearbox, whatever it turns out to be, will also be used in the next-gen IS F. And that right there, is the first realistic clue that Lexus' M3-fighting sedan will see a redesign. In the meantime, let's hope the RC F will get the gearbox it truly deserves.

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