Lexus Trys To Prove Value Of LC500 By Beating Up Aston Martin DB11


That four-wheel steering system makes it as good or better on the track.

Kind of funny how a testing facility known for its “unbiased comparative evaluations of automotive products” is being paid by Lexus to race the new LC500 coupe against the grand touring legend, the Aston Martin DB line and its newest representative champion, the DB11. After all if Lexus was going to lose this challenge, wouldn’t it scrap the idea for a video entirely? Well, that’s a good question, but results aside, comparing the two is telling about where the LC500 lies on the spectrum.

If Lexus feels confident enough to pitch its first car this exclusive and expensive since the LFA against a brand like Aston Martin, we can see where its aspirations lie. As professional driver and host Justin Bell points out, the naturally aspirated V8 LC500 is down on power compared to the twin-turbo V12 Aston Martin.

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However, as we know well trivialities like that don’t mean it’s the automatic loser, especially not on the race track. According to our “unbiased” host, the Lexus is more surefooted on the track compared to the Aston, which he reports as being skittish. Lap times indicate that the two grand tourers are within range of each other, but it’s the DB11 that loses the first part of the test with a lap time of 48.02 seconds compared to the LC500’s time of 47.90 seconds. It ended the race a full 0.1 mph faster than the DB11 too. It seems that the point of these tests is to highlight the LC500’s four-wheel steering system as the deciding factor. Watch and judge for yourselves with the full knowledge that Lexus put on the show.