Lexus Upgrades RC And RC F For 2023 To Improve Handling

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A totally new wheel hub design seems like a lot of work for minimal returns.

Lexus has announced a new update for both the RC and RC F coupes in Japan, which will likely affect US models as well. From 2023, Lexus is swapping from wheels and hubs that use bolts to fasten to the hub to hubs with built-in studs. It's a remarkably small change, but one Lexus says will improve the handling and steering feel of the cars and reduce unsprung mass. We're hardly sure a few tenths of an ounce will be noticeable to anyone behind the wheel, but perhaps the automaker is living up to its former tagline of "The Pursuit of Perfection."

In Japan, the new changes will be reflected from January 9 onward. However, other changes are affecting the models too, which may too make it stateside.

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F Sport variants of the RC get a new wheel design from Enkei that "gives a sense of high dynamic performance," according to Lexus. The new wheels are finished in dark grey. The RC F also gets new wheels, with two available designs, both supplied by BBS. A 10-mesh-spoke design is Super Black Metallic, or a 10-spiral-spoke design with alternating machine-finished and matte black spokes are the two available options.

The paddle shifters also have a retuned calibration that improves shift quality resulting in smoother shifts between the gears, better suited to the slightly stiffer front and rear end on the RC F. The additional stiffness comes from revised springs and dampers that improve both performance and ride comfort.

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On the more technological front, Lexus has enhanced the camera capabilities of its Safety System suite, which now includes cyclist detection during the day and night-time pedestrian detection. Oncoming vehicle detection has also been improved to detect vehicles that may be turning into your path. Additional functionality comes in the form of emergency steering assistance, lane tracing assist, and enhanced radar cruise control with added speed control and road sign detection.

At long last, the RC's infotainment has been updated to include the 10.3-inch unit shared with the Lexus IS with touch functionality. The instrument cluster has also been redesigned with a more rounded upper design to match the clock, gauge faces, and air vents better and form a more cohesive design.

Lastly, the RC F gets auto-hold brakes for its electronic parking brake.

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