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Lexus Uses Safety Technology To Protect Quarterbacks

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There will never be a "roughing the passer" call ever again.

American football fans will be aware of the "roughing the passer" call during a game. The referees call this whenever there is an unnecessary hit on the quarterback by the defense and although it can often extend the offense's drive, these hits can be extremely dangerous.

Lexus knows how dangerous the QB position can be, so it recruited Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart to help develop a new suite of technologies called the Lexus Quarterback Safety System+ (or QBSS+). Of course, the system isn't real but the fake advertisement Lexus created to show off its functionality is hilarious.

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QBSS+ bundles six technologies, all designed to help make QBs untouchable to would-be tacklers. The first piece of technology is commonly found on Lexus vehicles - a Blind Side Monitor. This system displays a warning on the QB's visor when he is about to be tackled from his blind side, so he knows to simply fall down into the fetal position. QBSS+ also adds a 360 Pocket Protection Camera, giving the QB a bird's-eye view of the pocket.

Our favorite feature is the Boo Dampener, which analyses criticisms from the crowd and converts them into positive reinforcement to protect the QB's ego. For mobile QBs, Scramble Maps helps by displaying the optimal running route to pick up yards and slide safely without being tackled.

The funniest moment of the ad comes when Lexus shows off the QB Cocoon, a set of seven airbags built into the uniform to allow the QB to fall to the ground on a cushion of air. Finally, Lexus ties all of this comedy gold into a marketing opportunity with the UX QB Escort, a Lexus UX which can drive the QB out of the game and onto the safety of the sideline. A 30-second version of the commercial will air next week during the NFL Pro Bowl on January 27th.