Lexus UX Interior Looks Like A Star Wars Set


Lexus must have a time machine at their disposal because all their latest releases look like they're from the future.

The Lexus UX concept has been getting a fair amount of attention lately, probably because people really like futuristic stuff. Many 30-somethings have money now that they will need to spend, and what better stuff to spend it on that a car that reminds you of the futuristic cars you saw in movies and on TV as a kid? The exterior has already been seen in a previous release from Lexus, just a rear shot, but it's enough to speculate on the front-end being just as futuristic.

The full UX will be revealed in the metal at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, and loads of us are looking forward to it. This latest image the Lexus chaps have revealed shows the interior that looks like a futuristic cockpit in some sort of fighter plane. We just hope that when it finally hits production that it will keep as much of this design as possible. Any interior that's described as an "immersive 3D driving experience" is something worth taking a closer look at. The instrument binnacle houses a transparent globe that floats, looking like a hologram, and with a combo of analog and digital info, will serve as a functioning user interface to control the car's systems while on the move.

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Lexus also revealed that "the center console features a prominent, facetted crystal structure within which a hologram-style display of air conditioning and infotainment system is clearly visible." If that doesn't impress you, nothing will. The UX Concept also features electro-chromatic windows, cameras instead of side mirrors and all switchgear is electrostatic and housed under transparent covers. We guess the seats have that new concept design too. There's also a removable sound bar built into the passenger side of the dashboard. Not sure why you would want to remove it, but you can if you feel the need. Show us the whole car already!