Lexus Wants a Rhyming 7-Seat Crossover Named Texas

OK, maybe they said TX, but all we hear is Lexus Texas.

With Lexus’ spiffy compact crossover, the NX, officially unveiled and ready to start taking over this uber-fashionable segment, the Japanese automaker is already setting its sights on its next crossover target: a large, three-row, seven-seat crossover. The company has trademarked the Lexus TX name for this model, and while this reportedly has nothing to do with parent-company Toyota’s move to Dallas, we just can’t stop ourselves from saying "Lexus Texas."

The TX model would not replace either of Lexus’ current three-row models, the GX460 and LX 570, but rather provide a more car-like, seven-passenger experience than those truckish SUVs do. Meanwhile, it still is not clear whether the LexusTexas will share its platform with the RWD IS/GS sedans (like its RX350 brother), or utilize the FWD platform from the Toyota Highlander.

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