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Lexus Wants To Win Over NBA Fans With One-Off

This RC F hopes fans aren't into baseball or football.

Automakers are always looking for ways to draw more customers in and one recent thing we’ve seen more of are custom cars aimed at professional sports fans. Lexus’ latest one-off hopes to win over NBA fans as it’s a page right out of a basketball playbook. Specifically, a play out of the Los Angeles Clippers’ book. The bespoke RC F coupe features a livery that’s based on the Clippers’ team colors and even has “Xs” and “Os” that are right out of a playbook. If you love the NBA, you'll definitely enjoy this custom sports car.

If that wasn’t enough, the stock horn has been replaced for a shot buzzer, while the dashboard clock comes with a game timer. The speaker grilles are now basketball-patterned and the Clippers’ logo can be found throughout the interior. Doc Rivers is now the voice of the navigation system, and the trunk features a makeshift locker room with memorabilia. Other than the mostly cosmetic changes, the RC F’s 5.0-liter V8 engine that puts out 467 hp will make NBA fans believe this one-off is the real deal. The car was created to raise funds for the Clippers Foundation and will go to the lucky fan that purchases the winning raffle ticket (priced at $100).

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