Liberty Walk Body Kit Slams A Ferrari F430 To The Ground

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Purists will hate this.

Ferrari doesn't take kindly to people messing with its designs, but that hasn't stopped tuners from tampering with the marque's masterpieces. Liberty Walk is one such tuning company and has previously turned its hand to the Ferrari 488 and even the iconic 308 GTB. Love it or hate it, you can't deny the Japanese firm's designs are striking.

That's exactly how we'd describe the F430 you see below. Liberty Walk founder Wataru Kato recently uploaded this creation to his Instagram page. Purists may hate it, but the gray-painted Ferrari has plenty of presence thanks to the new front bumper apron and the bolt-on fender flares.

libertywalkkato/Instagram libertywalkkato/Instagram

That prominent front apron design is carried over to the side skirts. Round back, the tasteful Ferrari fascia has been replaced with a ducktail spoiler. That's relatively restrained compared to the new rear bumper, which sports a substantially-sized diffuser.

On either side of the large diffuser, two exhaust pipes jut out of the bumper. Of course, the most noticeable modification is the ridiculously low ride height. Ferrari vehicles aren't traditionally sought after for stance builds, but it seems this owner was dead set on creating a stanced F430. It's been expertly done, with the negative camber giving the Ferrari a menacing, squat appearance.

libertywalkkato/Instagram libertywalkkato/Instagram

The two-tone, deep dish wheels are a thing of beauty, but perhaps not suited to the character of the car. There aren't any details on the build, but it's safe to assume this particular Ferrari has been kitted out with air suspension. We assume the 4.3-liter V8 remains untouched, and that's okay.

It may be considered a modern classic now, but that doesn't mean the F430 can't still cut it in the performance department. The F136 E V8 musters up 483 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque. This translates into a 0 to 60 mph sprint time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 196 mph - not bad for a car introduced in 2005.

libertywalkkato/Instagram libertywalkkato/Instagram

Getting back to the design, this Liberty Walk Ferrari may not be to everyone's taste, but there's no denying it has a presence. Yes, it may not have the elegance of the lithe 296 GTB, but it appeals to an entirely different audience; one that doesn't necessarily care about purism or tradition.

Still, it's not the worst modified Ferrari we've seen - not by a long way. That honor belongs to Mansory, a tuner that has designed some of the most polarizing Ferraris in recent years. We're still haunted by the Stallone GTS, an ostentatious take on the striking 812 GTS.

libertywalkkato/Instagram libertywalkkato/Instagram

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