Liberty Walk Ferrari F40 Revealed Ahead Of Tokyo Auto Salon Debut

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Ferrari fanboys are going to cry over this one.

Liberty Walk has revealed a world-first project from the tuner in the form of a widebody Ferrari F40, which will make its public debut at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Ferraris are the most sacred of supercars. These hallowed Italian exotics are so prized that Ferrari doesn't take kindly to anyone modifying them. This hasn't stopped the aftermarket scene from doing its thing, and we've seen some crazy Ferrari creations, ranging from classics to modern cars with all sorts of body and engine modifications.

But Liberty Walk's latest project may take the cake, as the F40 has not just been given the widebody treatment but been slammed as well. Revealed in digital form, the new project will be revealed to the public at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January 2023.

Liberty Walk Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk's founder, Kato Wataru, calls this creation a "work in progress" and is also touted as the world's first slammed and widebody Ferrari F40. With only 1,311 cars in existence and most owners believing them to be the holy grail of hypercars, it's unlikely anyone else would've done this to their own F40.

Thankfully, it appears much of the bodywork remains unharmed, as the widebody extensions have been fitted over the original bodywork. The fenders have been drilled to mount the widened arches, however. New bumpers, carbon fiber front and rear splitters, and a unique livery make the LB-Works F40 look like a functional race car.

Liberty Walk

Oh, and there's the massive carbon fiber rear wing. Center-locking alloy wheels are finished in black, shod in Toyo rubber with white lettering.

While we haven't been shown the cabin in detail, there are visible clues as to what's in store. Red Sparco seats and a roll cage are both visible, and it would appear the standard Momo steering wheel has been left behind.

The best part of this crazy F40 creation is the fact that Liberty Walk plans on selling the entire kit, which is made from high-quality FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer). Liberty Walk will also offer additional modes such as a bespoke decal kit, wheels, and even an air-suspension system. Taking a Ferrari F40 that far will take lots of guts.

Liberty Walk tends to leave power mods to other tuners, so expect the F40's 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 to maintain its 471 horsepower output and 201 mph top speed. It may be well below the outputs of the brand's latest creations, like the 296 GTB, but the F40 was never one to be considered slow to begin with.

Liberty Walk

We're typically loathed to praise Liberty Walk products, but this one might have won us over. The stance is perhaps a little overdone, but the rest of it looks very, very motorsport-derived, and the subtle enhancements like the round headlights inside their recessed housings are classy and well-conceived. We'll reserve our final comment until it's revealed in the metal next month.

It'll be joined at the show by other Liberty Walk creations, including a Lamborghini Murcielago and mystery vehicles from Mazda and Nissan.

Liberty Walk

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