Liberty Walk Introduces Scandelous Widebody 458 Spider

Creating an insane Japanese rendition of Italian design.

We'vealready gotten used to some pretty insane designs coming out of Japanese aftermarket and tuning firm, Liberty Walk. But it seems that this project, incollaboration with PUR Wheels, has managed to take crazy to level of completebonkers. The stock Ferrari 458 Spider has been given a widebody kit and a setof screaming red wheels that make it nearly unrecognizable. The long list ofmodifications appears to be limited to cosmetic upgrades, but certainly createssomething unique, to say the list.

The 458 Spider in question has received a badass diffuser and massive trunklid spoiler,huge wheel arches in the front and back, excessive side skirts and a new frontspoiler. The specially ordered PUR LGO6 wheels are finished in gloss red, andcombined with a lower-to-the-ground ride height, they certainly become thefocal point of the entire car. Is this Liberty Walk a Japanese masterpiece or just anotheraftermarket abomination?

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