Liberty Walk Lexus LC500 Is One Sinister Coupe

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Love it or hate it, this stands out.

The Lexus LC500 is one of the few modern cars that are genuinely, truly beautiful. The convertible version is just as pretty. However, very soon after the LC's release, someone decided that the one part of its repertoire that needing augmentation was its styling. Liberty Walk rendered its idea of the perfect LC500 to mixed reviews, and although we saw enough from this digital image to decide it wasn't appealing back in 2017, we may be slightly less judgemental now. Perhaps it's the black paint and murdered-out look, or perhaps we've been desensitized to violence against automobiles, but the real-life build doesn't look too bad now.

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As is typical for Liberty Walk, the LC500 was widened thanks to a trademark bodykit. The Japanese company is more than capable of creating this widened effect without rivets - as we've seen on the company's Huracan - but for the Lexus, we're still stuck with fender flares that feature visible fittings. These alterations are enhanced by carbon fiber trimmings in the form of the front splitter, side skirt extensions, and rear diffuser. There's also a ducktail-style spoiler on the trunk as the rear always gets some sort of aerodynamic alteration. Whether this enhances or detracts from performance is yet to be determined, but we suspect it's likely the latter.

LB Works LB Works LB Works LB Works

Liberty Walk doesn't do half measures, so a set of split wheels and AirRex air suspension have been fitted for a show-stopping stance. Wrapped in Yokohama rubber, these wheels suit the demeanor of this project perfectly. So what does all this cost? Well, the wheels and air suspension are not a part of the kit, but even so, you'll pay a whopping $13,380 for a plastic kit while a kit carbon bits will set you back $16,740. Fortunately, you don't have to take the widened fenders and can stick with the spoiler, splitter, diffuser, and skirt extensions for approximately five grand less on either plastic or carbon packages.

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