Liberty Walk Runs Out Of Ideas At The 2017 Geneva Auto Show

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Where did its supply of new modified supercars go?

Japanese car culture seems to be dominated by a need to rip apart the lines styling artists toiled for months for and replace them with their own custom body kits, lighting, and general rearrangements to the vehicle's proportions. We've already brought you coverage of Japanese supercar meets where each car has a completely redone paint job and and design theme, but one of the most prominent Japanese car tuners is Liberty Walk, which is known for taking great-looking cars and turning them into true eyeball magnets.

Without a doubt, the tuner made an appearance at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show where it brought two cars out of its permanent collection, a Ferrari 488 GTB and a McLaren 650S. We've seen these cars before, with the Ferrari making an appearance in previous Liberty Walk promotional videos. Its grey color scheme is the only thing subdued about it because thanks to Liberty Walk's signature widened wheel arches, which appear to be held on with bolts, this Ferrari appears stanced and inexplicably lowered. Interestingly, one of the car's defining features is a quote from John Lennon's "Imagine" scrawled on the passenger door reading, "Imagine all the people living life in peace."

On the other hand, the McLaren looks a bit more organic thanks to the fact that it wears yellow and green McLaren racing livery. Aside from that there's a new front bumper, side diffuser, rear bumper, a massive elevated rear wing, and a wide fender in place to draw the attention of anyone in the nearby vicinity. Again we see the signature wheel arch bulges held in place by bolts, making it so that the overall shape is a bit more rounded although appears cobbled together. The price of these kits indicates no such thing, though, as the complete McLaren kit costs $42,380 while the Ferrari 488 GTB's modifications cost a grand total of $32,620.

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What really entertained our minds when walking past this booth while the world's hottest new supercars debuted nearby was trying to imagine how newer cars like the McLaren 720S or the Ferrari 812 Superfast would look with these wheel arches. Hopefully we won't have to wait until the next Geneva Motor Show to see that happen.

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