Liberty Walk Teases Wild Lamborghini Murcielago Body Kit

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Lamborghini is working on the Murcielago successor's successor, but Liberty Walk is still interested in the decades-old supercar.

Rule-breaking Japanese tuner Liberty Walk is set to shake up the supercar tuning scene once again with a new kit designed for the Lamborghini Murcielago. The Murcielago was produced from 2001-2010 before it was replaced by the Aventador, and the Aventador is now about to be replaced by something codenamed LB744. But despite its age, the Murcielago looks as menacing as it did when it was first revealed, and Liberty Walk will be taking that aggressive look a step further with a kit that appears to be inspired by the design of the Aventador's successor with a little bit of a GT1 racer's identity mixed in.

If you're not worried about the future value of your Murci and want something to make it stand out in any crowd, this kit is worth paying attention to. And since the Murcielago is neither new nor really old, butchering its bodywork should be a little easier to stomach.

Liberty Walk
Kato Wataru/Facebook

The changes to the Murcielago are far more extreme than those the tuner made to the Ferrari F40. At the front, the headlights are given a new look thanks to a "Bad Boy" hood, the name drawn from the logo of the clothing brand. The hood makes the headlights appear more angular and also adds huge nostrils that seem to be based on those found on the track-only Essenza SCV12. Widened arches feature intakes and blades, while the area below the top splitter houses a large intake flanked by GT1-like spotlights. Another splitter and some canards complete the look on the front end, with tiny rearview mirrors on stalks adding to the motorsport vibe further. If the front end looks extreme, wait until you see the car in profile.

Kato Wataru/Facebook
Liberty Walk

Those widened arches display louvered vents and cutaways at the front, with this negative space leading your eye to the massive side skirt appendages that feed air into the rear intakes, which are also vented. The rear arches are connected to a huge rear wing, with this featuring a central fin that appears to be inspired by the aero on LMP1 ones. The Lamborghini Veneno employed a similar design, and we think this kit takes a lot of inspiration from that car.

The rear of the car is just as dramatic, with a chunky diffuser, two big tailpipes, and taillights that appear to be modeled on those of a late-model Countach. The engine cover is vented and is fed by a roof-mounted scoop.

The kit, which appears to be called the GT EVO, will be made in limited numbers. Including the new taillights and all the other modifications, this transformation retails for $48,008 before shipping, fitment, and paint. You may still want to add air suspension and wheels, so keep some change in reserve.

Liberty Walk
Kato Wataru/Facebook

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