Liberty Walk Unveils Lamborghini Aventador Widebody at SEMA

Japanese tuner's widebody Aventador is taking Vegas by storm.

Previewed back in June, Liberty Walk has finally whisked the wraps off its widebody Aventador at SEMA 2014, wearing a gorgeous baby blue paint job. The Lamborghini Aventador widebody kit includes riveted and flared wheel arches, a new front bumper and splitter, beefier side skirts, a lowered suspension, and a huge set of Forgiato alloys. At the back sits a suitably oversized rear wing, a new diffuser and titanium exhaust system by Armytrix.

The modified exhaust helps the Bull’s V12 deliver a brutal soundtrack and spit out some flames (filmed here at Lamborghini Newport Beach). Pictures come from our guy on the ground in Vegas, Justin Cheung.

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