Liberty Walk Just Destroyed The Lamborghini Urus

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Wataru Kato is back in the lab again.

As far as polarizing tuners go, Liberty Walk is pretty up there. Despite that, the brand takes an obsessive approach to modifying cars. Each car is meticulously rebuilt to the exacting specifications of founder Wataru Kato. Now, the Lamborghini Urus will be getting that treatment just in time for SEMA.

Kato showed off some renders on his Instagram this week, each showing the brand's take on the super SUV. Already, the post gives us some clues about who is to be involved in the build.
Wataru Kato/ Insta Wataru Kato/ Insta Wataru Kato/ Insta Wataru Kato/ Insta

The kit itself is very Liberty Walk. Much like previous Lambo LB cars, there's a lot going on at every angle. The front gets a new design, a new splitter, and some carbon fiber. It's tough to tell in the renders Kato-san posted, but the text body does say that carbon will be available as an option package. New wheels, fenders, and side skirts can be seen around the side, rounded out by a redone rear bumper and a new rear decklid and wing.

Kato-san has tagged a number of manufacturers in his post. We're betting the wheels will be done by Forgiato, as LB has a history of working with the brand on projects. The tuning house also appears to be working with Fi Exhaust, so that twin-turbo V8 will at least be getting louder, if not more powerful.

Wataru Kato/ Insta Wataru Kato/ Insta Wataru Kato/ Insta Wataru Kato/ Insta

It appears that the new Urus will also be getting some custom headlights. Kato-san tagged Japanese manufacturer Sphere Light in his post. Notably, the company produced some lighting solution's for Liberty Walk's Goodwood-bound drift car pictured below.

Right now, we don't know how much more power the Urus will be making by the time it rolls up to SEMA this year. The Urus is easily capable of 800 horsepower, as we've seen before, and we're betting that the tuning house has no issue coming up with a similar figure, if not one that exceeds that. For now, we'll hold all thoughts on the new body kit until SEMA. Call LB what you want. At the very least, we know the company will be bringing a show-stopper to SEMA.

Wataru Kato/ Insta Wataru Kato/ Insta Wataru Kato/ Insta Wataru Kato/ Insta

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