Liberty Walk's Tokyo Auto Salon Display Was Epic

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A wide variety of supercars were displayed, each wilder than the last.

Infamous tuner Liberty Walk took to the Tokyo Auto Salon with another collection of redesigned machines that included supercars like the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458, and Nissan GT-R, along with classics including the R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R and Ferrari 512 Testarossa. Other than the strange Mitsuoka, none of these creations are new to the tuning firm but it's always good to get a refresher on what the Japanese icon has to offer.

Taking the center of the stage were two examples of the Aventador that were wearing the GT Evo body kit which is currently priced at $198,000 for the matte dry carbon kit and $104,500 for the standard fiberglass version.

Tokyo Auto Salon Tokyo Auto Salon Tokyo Auto Salon Tokyo Auto Salon

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray that joined these Lambos wore a kit that's somewhat easier to stomach, with a price tag of $19,580 for the fiberglass and $21,780 for the carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer finish. The complete kit consists of a new front and rear bumper, side diffuser, rear wing, and wide body fenders.

The McLaren 650S seen here does form part of the tuner's older stock, but thanks to the new outrageous design, it's not what we'd call dated, although we would probably still choose colorful language. This car was kitted out with a body kit inspired by Woking's GT3 race car featuring widened arches, an aggressive splitter, and a chassis-mounted rear wing.

Tokyo Auto Salon Tokyo Auto Salon Tokyo Auto Salon Tokyo Auto Salon

The Ferrari 458 Italia build was similarly attention-grabbing. Both the front and rear pay homage to the GT3 car but the front, in particular, has been made to look a bit more modern with design cues inspired by the LaFerrari hypercar. If you want this kit in dry carbon fiber, be prepared to fork out a full $52,080.

This prancing pony was joined by its ancestor, the 512 Testarossa, but showgoers with a love of touring cars will likely have been more drawn to the stunning R34 Skyline GT-R that pays tribute to the iconic R31 Super Silhouette Skyline. Along with the flowing design of its R35 GT-R sibling, we're reminded just how much potential Liberty Walk has when it doesn't get carried away with the rivet gun.

Tokyo Auto Salon Tokyo Auto Salon Tokyo Auto Salon Tokyo Auto Salon Tokyo Auto Salon Tokyo Auto Salon

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