Lies: A. Kahn Design NOT Selling F1 License Plate

Not for £10 million or otherwise.

Website Reg Transfers has been forced to take down Afzal Kahn’s “F1” license plate after the A. Kahn Design CEO confirmed the multi-million-dollar plate was not for sale. Speculation has been rife this week that Kahn had priced the ultra-rare license plate at over £10 million. But we have been in touch with the aftermarket firm famed for its Land Rover styling packages, who informed us that the story is a complete fabrication.

A spokesperson for the UK car stylist said: “The F1 registration has NOT been placed for sale online for £10 million via Reg Transfers. We have ordered the company in question to remove all references to F1 and wish to remind them of their responsibility to uphold the highest standards of integrity.”

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