Life As A Gearhead Will Be Complete After A Weekend Driving With RSR Spa


Ron Simons wants you to experience the greatest racing circuit in the world, and here's how.

You could settle for your local track circuit and call it day. Chances are you'll be happy but not necessarily satisfied. Are there better tracks out there? Oh, absolutely. But there's one circuit in particular that stands out from all of the rest and will change your life for the better once you've conquered every one of its twisty curves, dips and inclines: Spa Francorchamps. Tucked away in the hills of Belgium near the quaint towns of Malmedy and Stavelot lies a circuit that's known to be the favorite for the world's best racing drivers, past and present.

But before you do anything stupid, like tackling Spa without proper instruction, you're going to want to link up with the right people who'll guarantee some of the best days of your life. RSR Spa is the brainchild of Ron Simons, a professional driver who instructed for Ferrari and Porsche in the 1990s. Realizing that amateur drivers with varying levels of experience were in need of a proper driving academy, Simons started RSR Nurburg in 2002. It was a huge success, which lead to the creation of RSR Spa in 2009. This circuit almost makes the Nurburgring seem easy, though "The Green Hell" is really anything but. Spa, however, is simply different.

It's ridiculously fast and its many hills and sharp turns will forever challenge drivers at every level. But in no way should this discourage you and this is where RSR Spa shines. There are several driving programs offered, the first being basic track instruction. The goal here is to learn to keep you and your car safe while also improving your driving skills. For those with more experience, RSR Spa offers one- and two-day advanced programs. Intensive is the right description. Everything from practical basics to more complex theories about the circuit are the focus. It's not for amateurs. But don't think for a moment this is like classroom instruction. On the contrary, each participant is paired with a private and highly experienced instructor.

These are your days and RSR Spa is committed to making them count. Your progress is monitored with every completed lap. Then it's discussed with the same depth and detail that any Formula 1 driver would demand. What did you do right? What needs to be improved? Was it you or your car that did or did not perform as desired? You know, passionate gearhead racing stuff. You're in the best of company and when it's all over you'll cherish these discussions. And speaking of cars, RSR Spa offers a wide variety of choices, ranging from the Renault Megane RS265, one of the finest front-wheel-drive hot hatchbacks ever made, to the wonderfully balanced Porsche Cayman GTS.

Of course, you can always take things up a notch with more purist offerings such as the Lotus Exige S, Porsche Cayman GT4, Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 GT3 RS and McLaren 12C. Be honest with yourself regarding your driving skills and your choice of cars. Do that, listen to your instructor, note the track conditions (it'll rain at some point, guaranteed), pay attention to what your fellow drivers are doing and you'll be far more than satisfied. Ecstatic is more like it. And that's what RSR Spa will make happen. Your local track circuit or any other training course will no longer satisfy your cravings. RSR Spa wouldn't have it any other way.

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