Life in the Fast Line: Renault and Gibson Present Gordini Wind

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Renault and Gibson team up to produce a very cool one-off concept of the Gordini Wind to celebrate Rock En Seine music festival.

French automaker Renault and the legendary American guitar maker, Gibson, have teamed up to produce the one-off Gordini Gibson Renault Wind concept and five conept guitars to celebrate the Rock En Seine music festival taking place near Paris, France. The Wind Gordini is a small two-seater with a retractable hardtop. For the concept, no changes were made to the exterior, with the exception of the white Gibson logo on each door. The interior, on the other hand, is much more unique.

It comes equipped with exclusive leather seats that feature embroidered Gibson logos, a blue leather-trimmed dashboard, radio knobs that are replaced with Gibson Guitar knobs, and six real guitar strings that are hand-stitched into each leather seat back. When you sit back you can comfortably strum the intro to Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell. The Gordini Guitar is a reissue of the original 1961 SG, and features Gordini blue and two white stripes above the pickups. It also features the Gordini logo on one of the white stripes. Gibson will be displaying five SG 1961 replica guitars painted in the traditional Gordini colors of blue and white stripes.

Festival goers who take part in the Gordini guitar solo competition will get a chance to play the guitars and possibly win one based on the number of votes they receive for their playing styles. We suggest the guitarists start working on their pentatonic scales before they go to the festival, and a couple of Jimmy Page licks couldn't hurt either.

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