Life in the Foust Lane

Everyone's favorite pint-sized drifter debuts new video series.

As far as drivers go, Tanner Foust has a pretty sweet career in place. When he's not co-hosting episodes Top Gear USA or stunt-driving for movies, he's drifting in Formula D and hooning in rally-cross. It's a tough schedule to keep up with, but what's it all like? To give us a glimpse into his schedule, Tanner's launched a new video series whimsically called "Life in the Foust Lane". The first episode has just hit the interwebs, and we're glad to bring it to your attention.

The debut installment follows Tanner to Ford's Octane Academy where he teaches some newbies the ins and outs of stunt driving in a variety of Dearborn's finest. New episodes are set to "air" every other Thursday, so scope out this first one and watch this space for more.

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