Life-Sized Play-Doh Chevy Orlando

In a, shall we say, unique approach to celebrate the launch of a new car, Chevrolet of Europe has created a life-size replica of their all-new Orlando MPV to help publicize the real thing. According to the automaker, the hand-crafted sculpture was created by a team of eight model makers over a two week period and weighs a total of 1.5 tons. The reason for the sculpture? Chevrolet claims that research has shown that Play-Doh was the most popular toy from a survey of 1,000 UK adults.

Based on their childhoods, Play-Doh took in the largest number of votes at 19 percent, followed by LEGO at 17 percent, and Kinder Egg at 15 percent. According to a statement from Chevrolet, they believe this "mould-breaking MPV is a real head-turner - especially when it's made from tons of the nation's most popular aqua-marine putty." The Orlando, which won't be sold in the U.S, is a seven-seat MPV and is Chevrolet's answer to Ford's C-Max. And as many already know, Ford will be launching the C-Max in the U.S. in the coming months - most likely without the Play-Doh.

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