Lightening Strike Causes Lump Of Road To Smash Through Ford F-150

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This is crazy.

The Ford F-150 is a brilliant truck. Whether we're talking about the Raptor version, the regular model that helped Texans brave the cold earlier this year, or the upcoming all-electric F-150 Lightning, every version of the truck is impressive. With capabilities to suit just about any purpose you could have for a truck, it's no wonder that the F-150 is so popular. That all-electric Lightning version is especially interesting to us, but for two Florida residents, the connotation of lightning being mentioned in the same breath as the words "Ford F-150" does not conjure up excitement in a good way. A freak accident has seen the pair injured by road debris that became airborne after a lightning strike and went right through their truck.
Walton County Fire Rescue
Walton County Fire Rescue
Walton County Fire Rescue

Watson County Fire Rescue shared the above post on its Facebook page, detailing the circumstances in which the crash occurred. The incident took place on I-10, where lightning struck the roadway, flicking up a large chunk of debris (roughly the size of a dinner plate). At motorway speeds, the result was a massive hole in the windscreen that, thankfully was roughly in the middle of the car. The force of the impact was so great that the debris went out through the rear window too, and unsurprisingly, both occupants were injured, although not critically. They were transported to the hospital and are presumably recovering now.

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It just goes to show that no matter how safe the vehicle you're driving is, a total anomaly can occur at any time. That makes us wonder: how would an autonomous vehicle respond to such an incident? Would the debris be analyzed as harmless? Would the vehicle try to suddenly swerve out of the way? To be honest, not even the quickest witted Formula One driver could be blamed for failing to avoid such a crash. Thankfully, the odds of something like this happening again are astronomical, and for Florida residents, the weather has improved over the course of the week.

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