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Lightning McQueen Isn't Ready To Retire In New Cars 3 Trailer

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A number of NASCAR racing stars have also joined the Cars 3 cast.

Disney Pixar's 'Cars' series may be a merchandising money maker, but it's never been as well received as some of the animation studio's classics like Toy Story and Finding Nemo. Cars 3 has the potential to change that, however, with a more mature story focusing on the lovable Lightning McQueen's road to recovery after a near-fatal accident. Previous trailers have looked promising, earning Cars 3 a place in our list of most anticipated 2017 car movies.

This latest Cars 3 trailer, which appropriately premiered at the Daytona 500, focuses on the "next generation" of cars that will form part of the cast, with strong hints to the topical rise of hybrid hypercars in today's auto industry.

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McQueen has seemingly met his match with the arrival of Jackson Storm voiced by Armie Hammer, a hi-tech car that represents the technological developments in the auto industry in the ten years that have passed since the first Cars movie, with superior speed and downforce compared to McQueen. Of course, McQueen isn't quite ready to retire yet: no doubt he will bounce back and race the Piston Cup once again with some motivational help from his crew. Since Cars 3 is heavily influenced by NASCAR, a number of stars from the racing series will also be playing roles in Cars 3.

Joining the cast are current drivers Chase Elliott, Ryan Blaney, Daniel Suarez, and Bubba Wallace, as well as retired racing veterans Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty. Cars 3 very much pays homage to stock car racing and its rich history," director Brian Fee said about the studio's partnership with NASCAR. "Our story leans into the drama, emotion and excitement NASCAR fans find at every race." Cars 3 will be racing into theaters on June 16. Does this latest trailer get your engine revving?