Lightweight M3 and M4 CSLs Not On the Drawing Board

BMW shoots down enthusiasts’ hopes that the special edition low-fat M3 of the past will make a reappearance on the new Ms.

When the BMW E46 M3 CSL was unleashed last decade, themodel's entire focus was cutting fat- offering a spectacular stripped-down combination of low curb weights and high performance abilities. With only 1,000 produced, it became an instant hit, andcreated an alliance of enthusiasts that favored acceleration over luxury.These people were hoping for a CSL comeback on the new M3 and M4, unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show.

However, BMW recently told Top Gear that this model isn't inthe making. They claim we shouldn't be greedy, and that the new models arealready as light as they can be. One of the weight reductions in the new modelcomes from the move from a 4.0-liter V8 to a twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six.While this change has also unsettled many M devotees, the new engine is goodfor 431 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque, producing promised 0-62 mph timesof 4.1 seconds. As the fastest production cars currently manufactured by BMW, this shouldkeep CSL campaigners complacent, at leastfor now.

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