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LiHai Goes Sharpie on a Civic

SoCal urban lifestyle brand creates intricate artwork on Honda Civic with nothing more than a Sharpie marker and some wicked imagination.

LA-based urban apparel and art brand LiHai is the brainchild of SoCal local Darel-C, who recently spent a week turning a white Honda Civic into a rolling work of art. The freehand "sharpie" project includes a preplanned piece of artwork that incorporates the LiHai logo. Aside from that, what you see was done completely freestyle. This time-lapse video shows the Civic being transformed from a blank canvas to something "LiHai" - a Chinese word that literally means "extreme" but in slang means "badass" or "crazy".

If you dig the style, check out the brand's graffiti-inspired line of art and clothing that sport similarly intricate designs.

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