Like to Play Basketball? This Audi Setup Might be for You

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German Ballers not only get to drive Audi's for the year, they also get to take the court with them when they drive.

It's hard not to like basketball. After all, It gave us Michael Jordan, and for all the readers that are 15, Kobe Bryant. But Pro Ballers players playing for the German Team FC Bayern Munich have a reason to really love the game this season. They are teaming up with Audi and as such players will be getting a complimentary A4 or Q3 (we're guessing it's based on height.) For the occasion the Audi team did something unique, purchasing accessories for the cars so that the players can attach a hoop.

The kit was specially developed from an Audi team led by designer Phillip Renner, a huge fan of the team who barely misses a home game, and five departments to perfect. The assembly takes a half an hour to set up, requires three people to monitor for safety and all equipment can easily be stored in the car, aside from the specially made backboard. The purpose of the promotion is to provide the team with mobile courts for doing PR and outreach events with the local community. The designers noted the add-ons could work on any A4 or Q3 in the market but there is no official mention of Audi producing them.

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