Lime-Green Nissan GT-R Leaves Sour Taste

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There aren't many cars that can pull off a lime-green body wrap, and the GT-R isn't one of them.

The latest GT-R has been subtly tweaked and amazingly is even better balanced and more powerful than its predecessor, producing a supercar-killing 530hp capable of a 2.9-second 0-60mph time. Simply put, there's not a lot a tuner can do to this awesome machine to improve it unless of course you think wrapping it in lime-green is an improvement. Over in China this car started off life in a clean and crisp coat of white paint, which the owner obviously thought was a tad on the boring side.

Apparently the Nissan GTR isn't doing too well here as at around $90,000 it's considered too cheap for the rich, who prefer Italian muscle such as Ferraris and too expensive for the poor proletariat who drive around in VWs, Geelys and the like. Similarly, where the Cayman fails, 911s are a dime a dozen; as for Audis, the TT is a no-no whereas the R8 rules the roost. Perhaps Nissan should double their prices; failing that they could try and release a few zesty colored special editions aping the efforts of this eye-hurting GT-R.

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