Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Matchbox Cars Given Green Edge To Iconic Rides

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Everything from the Jaguar D-Type to the AMG G63 6x6 is being celebrated, all with recycled zinc.

Mattel is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Matchbox brand of die-cast scale model cars this year by launching a limited edition series of vehicles ranging from the GMC Hummer EV and C8 Corvette to the Bugatti Chiron, Jaguar D-Type and Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6. Even more impressive is that a portion of this new series of cars will be produced using recycled zinc as Mattel looks to reduce its environmental impact.

Whether you're a collector of classic Porsches or simply a junior gearhead, Matchbox and Hot Wheels vehicles (both owned by Mattel) are likely a staple of your life. These new collectors edition models will be a special way of celebrating how the Matchbox brand has found a home in the hearts of enthusiasts for the last seven decades.


The die-cast vehicles will feature in seven assortments across the entire range, but every one will have special platinum decals to denote their specialness.

"We are so excited to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Matchbox and the trusted legacy this brand has imprinted on kids and collectors all over the world," said Roberto Stanichi, senior vice president and global head of vehicles at Mattel. "We look forward to continuing to redefine the die-cast category as we move towards a more sustainable future."

As part of the brand's commitment to going green, all toys and packaging will be made from 100% recycled, recyclable, or bio-based plastics by the year 2030. Like many automakers going green, Mattel will also embrace the EV, adding more electric cars and eco-friendly themes to its cars in the future, like the Tesla Roadster die-cast model introduced in 2021.

Matchbox will also announce more celebratory measures throughout the course of 2023.


The Difference Between Matchbox and Hot Wheels

While both Matchbox and Hot Wheels brands are owned by Mattel, the differences between these seemingly similar brands are interesting. The key differentiator - at least when it comes to both brands' interpretations of genuine production cars - is that Matchbox cars are scaled perfectly, while Hot Wheels cars are scaled with certain proportions tweaked to appear more natural. While a full-size car may look normal to you when you scale it down, your perspective view changes, so some of the proportions look alien. Hot Wheels tweaks certain details to make the car seem more realistic, whereas Matchbox uses accurate scaling.

Of course, Hot Wheels is also a more creative brand and historically hired famous car designers from OEMs to create incredible fictional cars inspired by everything from childhood TV series to board games, foods, and just about everything you can imagine.

In more recent times, the Hot Wheels Legends Tour has taken real car builds and immortalized them in die-cast models for fans all over the world to enjoy, and JJ Abrams is even working on a live-action Hot Wheels film.


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