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Limited-Edition Bentley Bentayga Has A Unique Interior Feature

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And you can only buy it at a specific dealership.

To compete with Rolls-Royce, luxury automaker Bentley has vowed to make more prestigious bespoke models. Last month saw the unveiling of the Continental GT Convertible Bavaria Edition by Mulliner built as a homage to the Bavarian region, and now the Bentayga ultra-luxury SUV has been given the bespoke treatment with two limited-edition models designed in collaboration between Savile Row tailor and Bentley's bespoke Mulliner division.

Inside, both limited edition SUVs, dubbed the 'Sportsman' and 'Businessman,' feature distinctive interiors, with Bentley's traditional wood veneer replaced by iconic Huntsman tweeds. Both models also cater to different customer lifestyles.

Bentley says the 'Sportsman' model "takes its cue from relaxed countryside pursuits, with a more pronounced use of the tweed on passenger and driver fascias and waistrails." It also includes Imperial Blue leather and Liquid Amber veneer inserts, paired with a Candy Red exterior. The 'Businessman,' on the other hand, has a "more urban spirit", with a two-tone black and grey exterior, carbon fiber fascias and waistrails and tweed on the door cards or map pockets.

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Also distinguishing the 'Businessman' model is a bespoke Mulliner chessboard in the rear seat rest, complete with a drawer trimmed in Huntsman fabric housing the chess pieces. Bentley says the chessboard mirrors the chequerboard floor in Bentley's oldest showroom, Jack Barclay in London, which is the only place you'll be able to buy these special-edition SUVs. Huntsman and Jack Barclay logos are also embroidered into each of the seat rests. No pricing details have been released, but their limited availability means they will likely cost significantly more than the standard Bentayga, which starts at $195,000.

"We are delighted to work with Jack Barclay, celebrating Bentley's centenary and Huntsman's 100 years on Savile Row," Huntsman owner Pierre Lagrange commented. "Bentley espouses the timeless British values of authenticity, bespoke craftsmanship and attention to detail, all of which Huntsman embrace in each tailored suit we create for our clients".