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Limited Edition BMW M2 Competition Heritage Edition Is Ultra-Retro

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Celebrate the 2002 Turbo with BMW's best M car.

After driving nearly all of BMW's newest M cars, we feel comfortable calling the M2 Competition our favorite - especially when equipped with a six-speed manual. As excellent as the M2 Competition already is, BMW is currently working on an even more hardcore version called the M2 CS. We still don't know when the M2 CS will arrive but BMW of France just released a new version of the M2 which has piqued our interest. It's called the M2 Competition Heritage Edition: a limited edition model to celebrate the original 2002 Turbo from 1974. BMW has paid homage to the 2002 with a one-off concept car in the past but this time you can actually buy one.

It doesn't appear that the Heritage Edition will have any additional power over a standard M2 Competition, meaning it will use a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six producing 405 horsepower. The biggest changes on the Heritage Edition are found on the exterior, where the car is equipped with an assortment of M Performance Accessories. BMW has added carbon fiber side fins, grille, mirror caps, exhaust tips, rear spoiler, and front blade as well as floating hub caps. All of these additional components are paired with the famous BMW Motorsport colors, which appear on the front and sides of the car.

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BMW hasn't included many photos of the interior but mentions Heritage Edition touches inside. The car includes a console badge with the build number listed and a special leather keychain. On the outside, the console badge matches the side exterior badges, which also list the car's build number. BMW has also added a few bonus touches like the word 'heritage' on the rear spoiler, front blades, and lateral wings. Only 40 examples will be built, all of which will be sold to the French market only. Since this limited edition was made using M performance accessories, we wouldn't be surprised if BMW built similar versions for other markets.