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Limited Edition Mark X GRMN is an Example of Camry Cool Exclusive to Japan

Sedan / 64 Comments

Why can’t our Toyota sedans be this cool?

In the US we have the Camry, in Europe they have the Avensis, and in Japan Toyota's sedan goes by the moniker Mark X. Not only is it the coolest name of the three, it's also the best looking, having received an aggressive facelift back in 2012. Just to rub it in, the Japanese carmaker has unveiled a limited edition variant based on the Mark X 350S. The car, dubbed the Mark X GRMN, boasts a trunk-mounted spoiler, black wing mirrors and 19-inch alloys.

Sports seats, a sports steering wheel and carbon-fiber trim with piano black accents, ultra-suede upholstery and contrast stitching combine to elevate the cabin space, while power comes from a 321-hp 3.5-liter V6 mated to a six-speed manual and Torsen limited-slip differential. On top of all that, the Mark X GRMN has been kitted out with a sport-tuned suspension, performance brakes and other chassis reinforcements. Limited to 100 units, Toyota is asking for 5.4 million Yen for the slick sedan, which equates to around $45,000.

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