Limited Edition Polestar Moped Is The Perfect Accessory For Your Polestar 6 Electric Sports Car

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It's an official Polestar product finished in the same paint as the Polestar O2 concept.

Polestar has once again teamed up with the electric bike gurus at Cake to offer the second generation of the Makka Polestar edition electric moped. The limited edition bike will be available in North America and offered in exclusive Sky Blue, the color first seen on the Polestar O2 electric roadster concept that will become the future Polestar 6.

The first collaboration between these two companies came just last year when they teamed up to create the first version of this bike. The electric moped was conceived to work hand in hand with the Polestar 2, coming with a lightweight bike rack that secures the bike to the car but also charges the bike while in transport. I don't know about you, but this is giving us some serious Honda City Turbo II vibes, and we love it.

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The moped was a hit last year, selling out almost immediately. It came with a $3,500 price tag, a slim LED headlight, an Ohlins rear damper, and a frame and battery finished in Polestar Snow Matte. The bike had a 37-mile city driving range and 13 mph top speed too. Pretty respectable for runaround transportation.

Due to its success, Polestar and Cake definitely saw an opportunity to improve upon the model in a few ways. Most of the features, like the LED headlight, Ohlins rear damper, and the general look are the same, but Polestar wanted to make the bike even more useful with the addition of a detachable rear carrier. The carrier will come with numerous accessory options like top boxes, passenger and child seats, and even a surf rack.

Polestar/Cake Makka Moped Polestar Polestar/Cake Makka Moped Polestar Polestar/Cake Makka Moped Polestar
Polestar/Cake Makka Moped
Polestar/Cake Makka Moped
Polestar/Cake Makka Moped

The bike's top speed has also been increased to a healthy 28 mph, making it much more useful for city driving. It also comes with two drive modes, 'balanced performance' and 'extended range.' The vehicle will exclusively be sold on the Polestar Additionals webshop starting December 14th, 2022. With the upgrades comes an increased price, though, with the new model coming in at $5,300 - almost two grand more than the last one.

This innovative idea will be useful in large urban areas where parking isn't always accessible or easy. Similarly, Hummer recently introduced a GMC Hummer-inspired EV All-Wheel Drive E-bike. That one may be more intended for off-roading, but it's cool to see companies seeking new transport solutions and possibilities to work in tandem with their new electric vehicles.

Polestar/Cake Makka Moped Polestar

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Polestar/Cake Makka Moped Polestar/Cake Makka Moped Polestar/Cake Makka Moped Polestar/Cake Makka Moped

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