Limited Run Aston Martin Hypercar Set To Disappoint Plenty Of Billionaires

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There are cheaper ways to have 1000-hp in your garage, but it will never, ever be this beautiful.

When thinking of a car priced in the millions of dollars, the phrases "more money than sense" and "a fool and his money are soon parted," spring to mind. But even some of those who boast to be in the top one percent of the top one percent won't be able to get hold of Aston's new hypercar. According to Motoring, 450 people are waiting in line for the Aston Martin and Red Bull brainchild, while only 99 will be possibly be made, each priced at a pretty hard to swallow £3 million ($3,987,600).

As a manufacturer, this is great news, it shows faith in both the product and the company, but for someone who can afford the car it may instigate plans to get a confirmed spot on the prospective owners list. The Aston Martin AM-RB 001 is only scheduled to arrive by 2020, so there's still time to try and secure one if the need is that bad. Aston Martin's Simon Sproule, Director of Global Marketing Communications, told Motoring: "A couple of years ago we had the holy trinity of cars that all came out at the same time from Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren, and there were many collectors that had to have all three in their set. We now have the 001 and I think a lot of those same collectors are saying they need one of our cars in their collection."

Aston Martin

The AM-RB 001 is the result of a collaboration between Red Bull Racing F1's Adrian Newey and the man behind some of the most beautiful cars ever made, Marek Reichman. This benchmark-setting hypercar will end up in some amazing, and probably quite secret collections alongside cars like the 986-hp McLaren P1 LM and Bugatti's 1500-hp Chiron. But with demand clearly outstripping supply, expect to see some wild sums of money being paid for this privilege.

Aston Martin

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