Lincoln Admits Rebadging Ford Taurus Was A Terrible Idea


Yeah, no kidding.

Sales of the Lincoln MKS have been pretty disappointing lately. In fact, Lincoln's current flagship sedan has had a steady sales decline over the past few years, with a 19.1% sales drop last month alone. Fortunately, Lincoln's overall 2014 sales were up by 15.6% thanks to, mainly, the new MKC crossover. And because no one wants a loser taking up space in showrooms, Lincoln has just announced the 2016 model year will be the end of the MKS, which is really nothing more than a reskinned and more expensive Ford Taurus.


It's not that it's a horrible car, but the MKS is not competitive against the likes of the Cadillac CTS and BMW 5 Series. Although Lincoln executives have regularly avoided answering this question from us pesky media, it's widely rumored that the Continental concept, first shown in New York earlier this year, is on its way to production. It would, for all intents and purposes, serve not only as an MKS replacement but also as a true flagship that's actually competitive this time. Its competition? The new Cadillac CT6. Now that's more like it, Lincoln.

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