Lincoln And Rivian Could Create The Perfect Luxury Truck

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All-electric, of course.

Here's what we know: Ford's $500 million investment in all-electric truck and SUV automaker Rivian will benefit Lincoln first. Instead of an all-electric Ford F-150 using Rivian's "skateboard" architecture, the partnership will see Lincoln get its own EV SUV. The official announcement only happened a couple of weeks ago and specific details are still relatively scarce. All we know is that this unnamed Lincoln EV will likely be unveiled in late 2021 or early 2022. Production will even take place at Rivian's Normal, Illinois production plant, instead of a Ford-owned factory. Its design and overall capabilities will reportedly be "stunning." Count us down as interested.

But there's still another potential vehicle we'd love to see Lincoln and Rivian collaborate on and it's not an SUV or a crossover. Does anyone remember the F-150-based Lincoln Blackwood?

Rivian Owners Forum Rivian Owners Forum Rivian Owners Forum

This luxury pickup truck has the distinction of being the shortest-produced vehicle in Lincoln's history, built for only the 2002 model year. This rebadged F-150 Crew Cab featured aluminum pinstripes and even a power tonneau cover over the bed. It was an interesting experiment that didn't pay off. It was the wrong vehicle for Lincoln at the time. But what if it were revived and based on the Rivian R1T truck? These rendered images a member of the Rivian Owners forum created to show what a potential collaboration between Rivian and Lincoln for such a truck could look like. Those pinstripes just had to make a comeback.

The uploader of the images wrote the following: "With Lincoln and Rivian working together on a new electric vehicle, could we see the return of a Lincoln pickup truck down the road? These renderings give us a look at what the Rivian R1T would look like if it was re-branded as a Lincoln Blackwood, like the old truck from the 2000's."

Rivian Owners Forum Rivian Owners Forum Rivian Owners Forum Rivian Owners Forum

The renderings even look pretty good in multiple exterior colors (some a bit funky) instead of just black. Unfortunately, the graphic artist-creator didn't provide any front angle shots, but we like what we see regarding the rear. We'd assume any front end design would have styling similar to what's found on the new Lincoln Aviator, for example.

Chances are a collaboration like this is not at the top of Ford's priority list at the moment, but it's just another clear-cut example of what's possible in the coming years as the all-electric truck segment continues to expand.

Front Angle View Rivian Side View Rivian 2020 Lincoln Aviator Front View Driving Lincoln
Front Angle View
Side View
2020 Lincoln Aviator Front View Driving
Source Credits: Rivian Owners Forum

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