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Lincoln Considering a Mustang-Based Model

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Along with several other additions to its lineup.

Lincoln is determined not to become extinct, and plans to build on its current sales-boost by adding a range of new models to its lineup. The company's global head of marketing, sales and service, Matt VanDyke, told Edmunds that all Ford Motor Company models are currently being considered, but what really stood out was his statement that "we won't rule out" the idea of a Lincoln-badged car, based on the 2015 Ford Mustang.

Lincoln's recent barrage of new models, including the MKZ, MKC, the Navigator and the MKX, will be followed by a new full-size sedan in 2016, replacing the MKS. But apparently, the company wants to grow its appeal to luxury buyers by offering even more new models. Now, it seems, Lincoln might go sporty as well.

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