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Lincoln Ignores Cadillac With Some Lofty Comparisons

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We can't wait for Cadillac's eventual response.

The folks at The Lincoln Motor Company are in high spirits as the brand launches its all-new SUV, the 2020 Aviator. Based on the new rear-wheel-drive platform also used on the Ford Explorer, the Aviator will sit above the Nautilus and below the Navigator as Lincoln's mid-size three-row offering. This puts it right in the ring with heavyweights from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz and Lincoln is not shying away from the fight.

Speaking with North American Luxury Product Line Chief, John Jraiche, at the launch of the new Aviator, CarBuzz learned how high Lincoln has set its sights with its latest model. Lincoln doesn't just think its new SUV is good enough to do battle with the BMW X5, but Jraiche is ready to compare it with the larger and more luxurious X7. Basically, forget its crosstown rival, Cadillac.

In our experience, the BMW X7 is one of the most exciting and luxurious options in the full-size SUV market and based on its price, seems like a closer rival for the larger Navigator. Although we can't speak on how the Aviator drives just yet (look out for our forthcoming review), Jraiche was quick to compare his company's new SUV to the X7 in dimensions.

"The X7 is 183 millimeters shorter than Navigator and 105 millimeters lower," Jraiche explained. He then compared the X7 to the Aviator saying, "X7 is just 88 millimeters longer [overall] but there is more lateral space in the Aviator." The mid-size Aviator is actually more spacious than the X7 giving you "more shoulder room and hip room" and interior space from "the ball of the footwell to the tailgate is comparable to the X7," he added.

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In addition to pure size, Lincoln is hoping to wow buyers with luxurious features such as 30-way adjustable seats, an advanced adaptive suspension, a 28-speaker Revel audio system, and class-leading standard horsepower and torque. Jraiche says the 28-speaker Revel audio system would "cost almost $100,000 to build in your home, and you are basically getting it in the Aviator for free." With all of these available features, Lincoln hopes to steal sales from the established European brands and bring American luxury back into the minds of consumers.