Lincoln May Bring Back Its Coolest Feature: Suicide Doors

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And they won't only appear on concepts.

Whenever an automaker comes out with a new concept vehicle, we can usually pick out exactly which styling features won't make production - enormous wheels, cameras instead of mirrors, giant screens, and suicide doors. Aside from the BMW i3, a few pickup trucks (both of which require the front doors to be opened first), and Rolls-Royce, who prefers the term coach doors, most suicide doors don't make it past the concept phase.

Earlier this year, rumors emerged that Lincoln could revive suicide doors on its flagship Continental sedan. The Continental famously featured suicide doors back in the 1960s, so reviving them would be a nice little throwback for the Lincoln brand.

Alas, further rumors emerged saying the Continental wouldn't make it past the 2020 model year. Now, the suicide door rumor is back in full force after Lincoln posted a teaser on social media. The single image shows the handles for suicide doors on an old Continental with a caption reading "Making a statement without a word. Center-opening doors elevated the Lincoln #Continental of the mid-1960's to the pinnacle of mid-century style, a car driven by the likes of Pablo Picasso. #TBT... or is it? Stay tuned."

While this isn't an official announcement, it does give us hope that Lincoln could indeed bring back center-opening doors on the Continental before it gets discontinued in 2020.


A user on the GM Inside News Forums also posted what appears to be a leaked image of the current Continental with suicide doors being shown off at an event. Three men from Lincoln are standing on a stage with the car with the words "Lincoln Coach Door Continental" written on a screen behind them. This seems like enough proof to show Lincoln is at least testing the waters for a Continental with coach doors.

We've seen the current Continental become a tremendous bargain on the used market, likely due to slow sales. Coach doors may not be enough to speed up sales but it would still be an interesting touch to stir up a conversation.

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