Lincoln MKZ Concept to Debut in January

2012 Detroit Auto Show / 13 Comments

Lincoln will debut their new MKZ concept car at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

Sources inside Lincoln have confirmed that the new MKZ midsize model will be making its debut in January at the Detroit Motor Show. The new MKZ will arrive in concept form and will feature a facelift from the original MKZ that first launched in 2006. This vehicle will be the premier model influenced by Lincoln's new design chief Max Wolff, formerly of Cadillac. The 2013 MKZ model will sit on the new Ford Motor Company front-wheel-drive platform.


The platform will also be used by the Ford Fusion and the European-based Mondeo. As a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, Lincoln is expected to utilize the freed funds left over from when Mercury was shut down to become a big name in luxury cars again. They want to shed the geriatric-generation reputation Lincoln has received as of late, and a new range of luxury vehicles and styling should help derail that train of thought. Word has spread that Lincoln may eventually bring Ford Australia's Falcon over to the U.S. which would quickly change how the brand is viewed.

The Falcon is a ridiculously awesome ride and would challenge the Cadillac CTS-V. The new Lincoln MKZ will debut in January at thee 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The MKZ should feature hybrid and all-wheel-drive options soon after the launch of the production version MKZ. The production version is expected to arrive later in 2012 in either Chicago or New York. A change in schedule could see the production MKZ debut as late as November at the L.A. Auto Show. Photos displayed are of the 2010 Lincoln MKZ and 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.


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