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Lincoln Plans To Continue Its Comeback By Doing This


This move is certain to make the press and dealers happy.

Lincoln is continuing to reinvent itself by pillaging its past, and its newest idea is to revive old model names. For about a decade Lincoln vehicles have been given a letter jumble of names starting with “M.” John Hinrich’s, Ford’s president of the Americas, spoke with Automotive News and gave a strong indication that classic model names would be back. “Without divulging the future,” Hinrichs said, “we’re very excited about the Continental name and the attention it’s gotten.”

“Town Car” and “LS” don’t exactly stir the soul, but they are better than what’s out there now. On top of that, real names won’t cause crazy confusion at dealerships. Hinrich’s seems set on reviving old Lincoln names as part of its renaissance. “But another way Lincoln could distinguish itself is to leverage its heritage. So I’ll leave it at that.” Expect to see Matthew McConaughey to be cruising down the road in a Town Car sooner than later.

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